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Prognosis For Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss in medical terms is the term for hair loss which can occur for a number of reasons. Lack of proper nutrients certain medications, certain illnesses like cancer, thyroid disease or lupus which destroy the body's defense mechanisms, undergoing medical treatments for certain conditions and pregnancy, as well as hair styles that place to much tension on the scalp may also slow down hair loss.

If you think that you're losing your hair, and you might be losing more then 100 hair each day, If your signs or symptoms consist of your hair falling out in clumps, patchy hair loss, red scalp, or flaky areas or total loss of hair in any part of your body, now would be the time for you to look for a specialist, they can find out for the reason your losing your hair and start treatment immediately. For hair loss review , i have specially written this article.

Visiting the medical doctor

If you're visiting the doctor for the very first time, and are seeking medical advice, realize that the doctor may ask you questions regarding your heritage and family history. The physician will ask you questions like, what you eat, just how much sleep do you get, if any one else in your family has hair loss issues, questions such as these will tell them weather you're struggling with male pattern baldness.

Besides asking you questions regarding your hair loss, know that the doctor will do an examination on your scalp as well as your hair. These questions will be very essential because he will need to understand the condition of your scalp but also how much hair you have lost. The physician will look for areas that are showing flaking or redness or are showing signs of infection. And the doctor will also test your hair, he will need to pull on some of your hair, also called the pull test to check how easy your hair comes out of the folicle. All of these tests can help determine which hairs are in the resting phase and which might be in the growing phase.

A doctor may also perform the following set of tests during your visit:

1. Acquiring a few samples of skin scrapings.

If there are flakes or scrapings, the doctor can get samples of it and study it to find out if there's an infection or what causes the illness.

2. The punch biopsy.

Here is the final thing that you will want done when trying to discover the cause of your hair loss. People who are susceptible to alopecia areata and scarring alopecia are asked to go through this test right away, this is where the doctor will remove a tiny section from the deeper level of skin with a tiny circular tool to be used to analyze your skin and tested for illness.

3. Blood tests.

Blood tests aren't unusual for determining weather or not the hair loss can be a medical condition like autoimmune diseases. Furthermore blood tests may be useful for determining the levels of minerals and vitamins in your body.


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